Saturday, May 25, 2013

Unless by Carol Shields

I started reading this book even though Sam had told me it's below average. And well according to my low expectations, it was a lot better. The problem with the story is that the character of the mother, who is the narrator is just not believable enough. You can just feel the falseness of it. The story is good in parts but what really troubled me is that the whole story is only in the book, you cannot imagine it for one second to be real. You can't get lost in that world. You just know the story is just a story , that all the efforts the author puts in to make the story look real are just efforts. She doesn't manage to make the reader believe that this story could have actually happened. Pity because I think the story could have been great now it's just average. I'm not sorry I read this book just for the small passages that touched me. I don't really recommend this to anybody.

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