Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vampire Mania

Is it just me or is being a vampire the new fad. Vampires, Werwolves everywhere. First it was the twilight craze, now it's Vampire diaries. Whewwwwww now people actually want to be bloodsucking vampires, and notice how they are unbelievably good looking too. I want one of them too now!!!!
Of course now they are depicted with a conscience (Angel),as a vegetarian (twilight) and very much in love (the vampire diaries). It's the eternal love story, doomed from the start, good versus evil, dark versus light, human versus vampire. It seems to work predominantly for girls in their tweens, teens and a few adults.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Does anyone remember the Tiger Woods scandal, how when one affair was revealed it led to a deluge of one-night stands coming to light. Now it seems the same is happening to Dominique Strauss Kahn, one case just got done (although they are appealing), and now there is Tristane Banon accusing him of attempt to rape in 2003. At first it seemed she was milking this opportunity for publically bashing DSK, but now she has come with tangible proof and not just her own words. People were doubting her word because she is accusing him now 8 years later. Now to top that, his previous affairs are coming to light, all when he was married, first an employee at the World Bank, and now a jurist who said she had a year long affair with him. Another blow on his already hugely tarnished image. Now I can't help wondering if all these accusations are real. Cheating, multiple affairs, manipulative, asshole he defintely is but rape is another thing, you really have to be depraved to sink to that level. I can't help feel bad for someone who represented a lot of hope for people who were against right and extreme right gaining power in France. The only person happy with this development, indeed possibly throwing parties would be Sarkozy and the UMP, he was about the only strong person in a imploded PS party. He was highly respected, spoke with clarity about dense economic problems. His interviews show how charming he was, he could charm viewers through a screen, so in person it was lethal. People would be chanting his name for the presidential elections for 2012, now of course they spit on his name. Over active libido ruined his career , his image. I can't comment if he actually raped the girl, because initially I didn't believe it at all, so high was his integrity considered, but now I am less and less sure at his morals. Somebody who did so much for development could be a closet scum bag is hard to digest, could the opposition party be behind it. I don't know and most likely not. More comes to light and we will be able to know beyond a shadow of a doubt what exactly he is capable of.