Sunday, May 19, 2013

This blog still exists

Now might be a good time to change my blog name from Irregular Ramblings to Once-a-year Ramblings.
What can I say in my defense  Nothing except that i's hard to write without a PC and internet and even harder when you don't know what to write.

My resolve for this year is to write as much as I can and not really bother about how it sounds. This part is of course easy as I have built up my readership to a steady zero.

Words that flow out my mouth are not always poetic or insightful they are sometimes thoughts stemmed from boredom but as I now endeavor to write something people might want to read, I would want something genuine and honest if not always gripping posts.

So to all my future readers or existing readers (if they still exist or if I manage to force people to read this blog :p), kindly share your thoughts on how to keep blogging.

Hasta la vista baby

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