Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Update on my life

I haven't blogged in so long that blogger had time to change and it's disconcerting to find how white everything is and how I have to search for small things but still the upgrade is very welcome.

Have you ever noticed how we all promote middle class values and take pride in it. Of course by we I mean everybody who is middle class and the biggest brand ambassador of it Miss Ekta Kapoor and all her dreadful shows. How we have our accomplishments based on merit and yada yada. It's all great because I am from a middle class family and never did I feel even for a second I am inferior to the elite (not that I met any) nor did I feel I have to own brands to belong. But one of my friends told me I'm posing as a middle classer, showing fake modesty she told me I'm from the High-society minus the money. I don't know what to say, what is that supposed to mean? How can you be rich without money?!! Sometimes people say the most stupidest things and you're left thinking about it until it hits you: they're nuts.

I got a blackberry torch a while back, and now I'm busy downloading all the coolest apps:

Like Shazam: to recognize the song playing in a pub or a movie, I've wanted this for the longest timeEvernote: can help you keep notes, very cool because you can search images and do loads, 'm still discovering it
Indian Recipes: just in case I discover a hitherto unknown desire to cook
Guidepal Paris,
Whatsapp messenger: you can send free smses between using your number between people who own this app
Deezer: for music duh
And the mother of all applications meant only for girls so guys skip the next few lines: it's called Period Deluxe Calendar( IP free is also good) it allows to keep track of menstrual cycle, you can save the symptoms according to day, and it will tell you when you are due, how many days are left, on which day are you, how long do you last, and best of all it has a password to open it, so if your phone lands in children hands they can't access it

Other than that I've made new friends and I'm really sad I met them only now before leaving...but still it's fun

My mom and all my rishtedar are after my sister to get married, it was entertaining to poke fun at her in the beginning years but now it's such a boring topic. After all if a girl is not married she is not happy or settled and is a "burden" on her parents. If you ask me the girl is very happy before marriage and goes in for hell later. My own personal views, you don't have to agree. Now my mother is saying now it's my turn, that she'll get me married, so that my sister in a fit of jealousy will get married too. Wow. Just amazing. Getting people married so that they live unhappily ever after is the obsession of every aunty I know. I think it's a bit sad that if my sis doesn't want to get slaughtered I should become the next bakra. But if you're a Desi girl you have to go through this.

Other than that I'm searching ways to get fit. I tried looking into the Kareena Kapoor diet, but I think I'll have to buy the book which I'm really not keen on doing. I may be over-weight or a voluptuous babe but that is no reason for people to give me unhelpful tips on how to lose weight. Waise bhi I cannot tolerate unsolicited advice. Advice, fundas, gyan that come at the drop of a hat. EXCUSE ME!!! BUT IS IT WRITTEN ON MY FOREHEAD THAT I WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR RUBBISH?!!!!!!

That's all for now folks,Peace Out