Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Musings on my name

A name largely becomes part of your identity. I'm 'fraid this statement is true, otherwise my name would have been changed long ago to Tanvi. My name is persistently misspelled, now when I was a nubile young girl of 12 I would fume in rage when instead of Shubhra I would find my name on sheet as Chou-brah or Shubala, are they even remotely close? But after some time of relentless mistakes I didn't mind the mistake but as soon I was called in class I would spell out my name at top speed.

Living in India this sort of problem would never arise, that is comforting but I don't live in India and have never lived in India so in a hypothetical situation I would be happy with my name.

The other side of having such a unique name is that people can't say it properly, anybody who starts calling me with Shu-some-ending, I accept that as being my name. It might seem childish but try living with a very changeable name, not to mention most of the time people simply don't remember it. Very insulting if you repeatedly forget someone's name, really, but people defened themselves by spouting out word to word the conversation we had when we met. Grrrr I have to forgive them and blame my name instead. Over years I have developed helpful tips to remember my name, like call me Shubhi or Snow-white because Shubhra means holy white.

And as the biggest sign of my maturing I don't mind the way people twist my good name.
Oh my god I'm growing old

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama, Obama, Obama

Bin Laden is dead!!
The reason why 9/11 happened, the reason wars on Afghanistan and Iran happened. He is finally dead, and if you are to watch CNN, you will see emotional reporters with cracked voices interviewing people crying with grief, relief and chants of USA. Indeed you slap USA and they will take revenge with every drop of their blood. And finally we have a Hollywood style victory, helicopters lowered in his compound and brave American soldiers skillfully kill him. The most powerful country in the world has won after 10 years. His death is long ever due if you ask me
And Sunday night as Obama held a press conference that Bin Laden is dead, you could practically see the polls going over board in his favor, how once again he is the messiah he was before the elections. And seeing him in television, you could only sigh Obama, Obama, Obama in gratitude for doing something Bush evidently couldn't. You begin to dream again about the glorious president when a few weeks ago you found him a charismatic campaigner and a not so able presidents. Obama, Obama, Obama you have won our hearts again. But how long before the next heart break


Monday, May 2, 2011

Teenage years

Teenage years, one of the supposedly traumatic years, where you rebel against pretty much anything, and mostly for no other reason than to rebel. Or so they say.
My memories of my teenage years are very tame, I didn't party too much but there wasn't much opportunity for it either. I wasn't rude to my parents, I didn't hate them, I told my mother practically everything, from the guys I liked to who I had a fight with. I went to class, I studied. I had dreams and was content with my life at home. Now for the other part: I had huge self esteem issues. I used to think I'm super duper ugly, fat and hairy. Of course now when I look at my pictures from that time I realise how completely foolish I was.

I just makes me realise that all the crap you see and hear about phases of life you are supposed to have. Or how each phase of life should be lived is complete and utter crap. How people having read some article tell you how to live your life. It's incredible indeed since noone fits the norm, noone fits the perfect model. How do you really define normal? is it agreeing with everything your parents tell you,or is it thinking completely by yourself and making your own choices. You ask anyone and they have their own opinion on what a rational person is.

The fact is there is no rational person, so next time anyone expresses disapproves of you, judges you, there is no need to take it as little sharp edged arrows placed in your chest that you have to painfully pluck out