Sunday, January 9, 2011


My didi discovered the blog world way waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy back , long before it became popular. It was just in the end of the dark ages, when Google was just gaining momentum, when not all computers had CDs capacity, beginning 2000s. When I first heard of it, I thought it was a silly concept and didn't really understand it, but now I understand the bravery it requires, to bare yourself to the world, the fight to make your word interesting and hoping for some reaction.
One thing our generation cannot complain about is lack of expression, what with Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, it seems uncanny how many friends we have on these social networking sites and yet to have lesser and lesser communication and social skills. The more we are connected to the internet world and therefore millions of people, the less you see kids playing outside, friends casually dropping by, the less we actually meet people.
It's a funny world, I have more than 300 friends on Facebook, and not one to call when I'm feeling low, funny world indeed. I hope my blogger friends will become genuine friends.
Right now I'm trying out all the gadgets, background, it's quite fun actually.
It's cool
Peace out

Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Post

Hello Folks,
Welcome to my blog, I love reading and I'm now experimenting with writing
I hope you like my blog and comment regularly

I'm an average 2O something girl, I drink, I smoke, I take drugs and sleep around.
Reality is I drink Coca Cola, I smoke what my kind friends throw out from their mouth, I take aspirin and as for sleeping around I sleep on my bed, on the sofa, at my friends place.
See I'm an average 20 something, it all depends where you stand.

Enjoy reading

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Teenage years

Teenage years, one of the supposedly traumatic years, where you rebel against pretty much anything, and mostly for no other reason than to rebel. Or so they say.
My memories of my teenage years are very tame, I didn't party too much but there wasn't much opportunity for it either. I wasn't rude to my parents, I didn't hate them, I told my mother practically everything, from the guys I liked to who I had a fight with. I went to class, I studied. I had dreams and was content with my life at home. Now for the other part: I had huge self esttem issues. I used to think I'm super duper ugly, fat and hairy. Of course now when I look at my pictures from that time I realise how completely foolish I was.

I just makes me realise that all the crap you see and hear about phases of life you are supposed to have. Or how each phase of life should be lived is complete and utter crap. How people having read some article tell you how to live your life. It's incredible indeed since noone fits the norm, noone fits the perfect model. How do you really define normal? is it agreeing with everything your parents tell you,or is it thinking completely by yourself and making your own choices. You ask anyone and they have their own opinion on what a rational person is.
The fact is there is no rational person, so next time anyone expresses disapproves of you, judges you, there is no need to take it as little sharp edged arrows placed in your chest that you have to painfully pluck out