Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mercredi au Parc by Ayelet Waldman, original title: Love and other Impossible Pursuits

This book is a one time read. It'as about a Jewish girl Emilia who loses her new born baby and how she finds it difficult to reconnect with the world and most importantly  to love her husband's first child William.
William is a pre-schooler who is rejected  from the Collegiate, Trinity, Dalton, UN International School & Riverdale County. The supposedly best schools in New-York, he gets really upset (he's only 5 years old) so this is what Emilia, his step-mom says to him: " C'est une très grande ville William. C'est une ville immense Collegiate est un petit point minuscule. C'est un minuscule petit point insignifiant. C'est une ville immense et tu vas avoir une vie immense, alors je te promets que Collegiate ne veut rien dire. Qu'importe ce qu'il se passera , tu dois juste te rappeler  a quel point tout est grand"

A passage that really resonated with me.

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