Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Red car

I had to go to work yesterday, on a Saturday. Working on a Saturday is exceptional, this Saturday was an exception, I don't work on weekends. Normally a cab comes to pick me up but due to some error I was rostered on Sunday instead of Saturday. Never mind, I'll take an auto, so at noon I step out and walk 200 metres, but as there is no auto I keep walking on the busy road. It's winter, I'm covered head to toe with woolens. As I'm walking and notice a red car has slowed down near the pavement I'm walking on. Sharp as a knife I turn left into a dirt road calling a guard. The red car turns left with me. I take a quick double turn and land back on the main road where thank the heavens there is an autowallah dropping someone off, I sit in and don't discuss money and go off. The autowallah understandingly speeds up. I check the mirrors to see if the red car is following me and arrive safely at my destination. But I have to go back. Shit.
Shitty men in a shitty city. 

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