Thursday, October 10, 2013

Living in India

It's been almost two years since I've shifted to India. There were a lot of challenges, some good some bad. Overall living in Delhi NCR makes you tough, it makes you aggressive, you learn to fight for yourself. It has also turned me into a typical Delhi girl with the usual complaints of I can't step out at night. And now as more time goes by I feel living in Delhi is really not such a wise move, it was good for the beginning, I had family, I understood the culture, I knew where to get things but now living in Delhi just pisses me off. If it were not for the cultural activities and history I would have hated it. Two years in Delhi and I've almost stopped feeling outraged at rape, it's called the mass effect, you hear or see something so many times that you come to accept it as normal. It's what happened in Nazi Germany. I can't say it enough Delhi is a disappointment. I don't know if other cities in India are like this, but it wouldn't hurt to try and find out.

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